General Hunting Info

We are able to hunt the entire year, but the most popular time for rifle hunting is from March to the end of October. Our main hunting area in the Limpopo Province consists of 38000 acres, with more concessions from within 10 minutes to an hour’s drive from there.  We also have fine hunting areas in the Freestate and Eastern cape. Should you feel like something different, hunting new species and traveling the African continent, we also offer excellent hunts in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Uganda. We have over 42 species on offer. Plains game, exotic game as well as the Big 5 or as it is described lately the "dangerous six" -  Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard and Hippo. We will move to wherever necessary depending on Tag availability and natural habitat. Our plains game hunts are also an experience of a lifetime.

Mbogo Safaris has exclusive rights for bow hunters on Bow-hunting only concessions. The best times for bow hunting is from July until the end of October. Our bow hunting hides consists of ground blinds and above ground hides and are situated near waterholes or feeding areas or alternately you can conduct walk and stalk hunts. The use of anti-scent sprays are highly recommended. Spare arrows, spare broadhead blades, strings and other spares should be brought with.  Clothing does not have to be all camo, but preferably dark.

We offer you a choice of hunting options. Clients can hunt off the Trophy Price List on a Daily Rate; alternatively, you can choose a package or we can tailor make a package for your needs.

We undertake to always provide our hunters with the best hunting concessions, rich in game diversity and quality trophy selection. We will make you an ambassador for Mbogo Safaris in rifle or bow hunting whether you are a novice or an experienced hunter.